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Sunday Soiree! Mistress is Back!

Mistress is back and it’s a Sunday Soiree! I will be available for your calls and sexy texting 3:30PM EST – 8:30PM EST TODAY! That’s right – so use the Click To Call button on your right (the red phone) or call one of our lovely dispatchers at 1-800-601-6975. For sexy texting just click . . . → Read More: Sunday Soiree! Mistress is Back!

The Galavanting Mistress

The Scarlet Mistress is off galavanting across the country….yet again! Galavanting is one of my favorite words; I use it quite often and thought I should probably look up its true meaning to make sure I’m not misusing it! Low and behold….here is the definition:

Gal-a-vant: To roam about in search of pleasure or amusement.

Yep, it fits! I’m . . . → Read More: The Galavanting Mistress