About Scarlet

Hi there! I’m Scarlet; also known as The Scarlet Mistress. I love providing hot phone sex fantasy calls! You Mistress Scarlet - Phone Sex - 1.800.601.6975 may have lots of questions about me and I have answers for you……

Scarlet’s Contact Information:

Skype: thescarletmistress
Yahoo IM: I am no longer using Yahoo – only Skype
Tumblr: https://enchantrixscarlet.tumblr.com/

What Types of Calls Do You Enjoy: Truly, there’s not much that I’m NOT into! You can listen to a sexy audio I made for you or read a blog post that will tell you even more about some of my interests!

Listen Here     Read Here

How Did You Get Started in Phone Sex: Are you curious about how I got into providing phone sex? Read Here Listen to a live Mistress Interview Q&A Session Here.

Can You Watch Me On Webcam: I can watch you on webcam during a phone or texting session. Note: I do not appear on cam. Click here to learn more about how: Web Cam Sessions

Contact Me By Phone: You may call me at 1-800-601-6975 when you see the ‘I’m Available’ sign lit up here on my blog. This is the BEST way to reach Me!

Chat With Me Live Online: For intimate online chat/text; use the Sexy Texting feature. If my ‘I’m Available’ sign is lit; I’m available for sexy chat as well as phone chat. Visit www.sexytexting.com to read more about how that works. Note: make sure to message me on Skype (thescarletmistress) to see if I’m available. Sometimes I’m not taking calls; but may be able to have a sexy chat. Read more about how much I Love Sexy Texting.

Can I tell you what I’m into before I call? Yes! I created a pre-call page for you to complete prior to our first call (or at any time). Feel free to answer the questions and share some details of your fantasy – whatever you want to make sure I know about or to include. I love having that ahead of time.

My Schedule: I do most of my sessions by appointment. You may see that I’m busy quite often. That doesn’t mean I don’t have time for you. I am a Type A Mistress; I prefer to know who I’m talking to so I can be prepared for our session. If you’d like to talk on a specific day or time; email me and we will set up an appointment.

Tips & Tributes: While not necessary, are definitely appreciated. I’ve created a whole page on my blog called Spoil Me! It details all of the many ways that you can show your adoration and appreciation.

Payment: Calls are $ per minute with a 10 minute minimum. Calls are billed to your Visa/MC/Discover as LDW Group. Sorry, I don’t accept checks or other outside billing. The call works like this. You call 1-800-601-6975 (UK Toll Free Number, 0-800-014-8421), you will hear a recording then be connected to a dispatcher. Have your credit card ready and be ready to provide your name on your credit card, your billing address, your card number, the card expiration date and the CV2 on the back of the card to prove it’s in your possession. If you don’t want your call to show up on your normal credit card, you can purchase a prepaid MC or Visa through GreenDot, Western Union or Netspend. That way you have complete control to load your card with the amount you’d like to spend and never worry about anyone finding your statement. After payment is made, the dispatcher will then connect you directly to me.

I look forward to talking with you soon!