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The beautiful ladies of LDW are known for providing mind blowing phone sex and chat fantasies; but did you know that we also offer Exclusive Erotic Audios? It’s like having an i-tunes store of your favorite Mistresses silky, sultry and mesmerizing voices at your fingertips! As much as we would love to be available by phone 24/7; sometimes we have to get our pesky beauty sleep or go on amazing vacations! Our audios are available anytime you need a kinky story, a guiding voice encouraging you to masturbate and/or eat your cum, fetish and kink fantasy roleplay, humiliation, cuckold fantasies or pretty much anything your naughty mind can think of!

So, why should you buy Exclusive Erotic Audios in September?

1. ALL Erotic Audios are 50% off all month long! Just use promo code SEXYSEPT when you check out at Enchantrix Audios. Put as many audios in your cart as you want; this is an unlimited sale!

2. Once purchased; you can listen to your audio collection anytime! Over…..and Over!

3. Buying an erotic audio prior to your first call with a Mistress can give you a ‘sense’ of her style, her voice and even some of her kinks. Keep in mind; audios are very specific and don’t always convey everything a Mistress enjoys. Make sure to visit each Mistress’s blog to really learn about them.

4. Having the ability to ‘pause’ can extend your guided masturbation session! A five minute audio can last for as long as you truly want it to!

5. If you’ve been considering a Custom Erotic Audio; purchasing one of our erotic audios will help you decide which voice is perfect for it!

Get your 50% off audio collection today! Don’t forget to reach out to any of our LDW Mistresses to request a Custom Audio recording, too!

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