The house was tidied up. Dishes put away. Laundry folded. It was 3AM and he was in his place; in their marital bed. He tried to fall asleep but fantasies kept sweeping him away and waking up his pathetic penis. His mind revealed his beautiful Wife; wearing the little black dress that She left the house in. He saw Her undressing for a man that was not him; exposing her milky skin and clashing black lingerie. Black bra, panties, stockings, heels. Expensive perfume, manicured nails, a fresh intimate wax. All bought with his money. All selected for anyone but him.  Leaving him to his humiliation fantasies while she indulged herself.

In his daydream; he followed the gaze of Her drunken eyes as they lusted after the man lying against a stack of pillows on the bed. 6’2”, looking like a world class wrestler with his thick muscles and six pack abs. A stallion of a man with his hands folded behind his head; his glorius cock straining to reach the slut stripping in front of him. The pathetic husband moaned in frustration as his hand touched hard plastic. Dammit! How quickly he forgot that his little dick was caged! Frustration overtook him as he let out a desperate moan. His Wife had taken care of that little problem over a year ago. She introduced him to chastity hell. His mind could fantasize and he could hope for an erection but the Wife was in ultimate control. She had him right where She wanted him; waiting for Her while She was out getting what She needed. Him and his pathetic cuckold fantasies.

It was another hour before he heard Her come in the front door. He waited in the bed as She entered the bedroom; undressing at the foot of the bed. She said, ‘Assume the position.’ He obediently climbed out of the bed and sat on the floor; leaning his back against the box spring and letting his head lean back against the mattress. She slid Her panties off and stepped forward. Spreading her legs wide and standing over his face she said, ‘Open your mouth.’ He did. He always did.