We need to talk about what’s going to happen tonight. We need to be clear about a cuckold’s place.

I'm Scarlet - For Cuckold Fantasies; Call Me at 1.800.601.6975We’ve already invited him over. He’ll be here at 8. We’ve already discussed and negotiated what our boundaries are. You agreed to “let” me do whatever I want; to have the pleasure that I’ve been missing. I’ve assured him that there won’t be any issues at all; that you’re accepting of your wife having a lover. He even asked me if I had any sexual limits; if there was anything that was “off the table”.

I told him no; I have no limits with him.

It might be hard sometimes. You might feel some cuckold jealousy. You’ll most likely have some sensations of inadequacy when you see us together. I’m certain you’ll feel inferior. That’s natural. It’s ok. Some of that is to be expected. I want you to just work through it. Don’t embarrass me.

Sweetie, there is one aspect of tonight that we haven’t really spoken about. Tonight, you’re becoming a cuckold. It’s not going to be just a fantasy that we talk about anymore. It’s going to be real. Forever. Permanent.

We need to talk about your place as a cuckold.

Yes, you’re my cuckold husband and I love you and care about you. But tonight; he’s first. My lover will be first. Your place is beneath him. You will answer to him, cater to him and you will be submissive to him.

This is what I want from you. Don’t embarrass me. Don’t try to act like an alpha. He is the alpha.

Remember honey, no matter what happens tonight, your place is beneath him.

Now, let’s go pick out something for me to wear.

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