I want to tell you about a scene that I witnessed the other night at my local BDSM Dungeon. I thought it was so hot and erotic; I wanted to write it down and get it recorded for you right away!

The theme of the night was, of course, sweethearts because it was the day before Valentine’s Day. There was a very nice looking couple in attendance; she was wearing a very gorgeous red latex dress with a gorgeous pair of thigh high boots and her male submissive was wearing a rather plain looking outfit of black pants and a black t-shirt.

Get Naked

After the announcements were finished and it was playtime; she directed him to get naked for her. He disrobed in a corner, folded his things and put them away in a bag nearby. He then bent himself over a spanking bench and waited for her. He was a very good cfnm exhibitionist! I wasn’t sure what was going to happen as she just reached into her purse and pulled out a rather small bag and a handful of some type of electrical wires!

This should be interesting!bodypaint

She proceeded to take her time giving him a strict, bare handed spanking – leaving his bottom more than fifty shades of red! She then unzipped the little bag and started, quite literally, drawing all over his back! She was enjoying herself as she just lazily drew and wrote all up and down his back, his ass, his legs, everywhere! Then, she had him stand up and took the electrical wires and started wrapping them around his torso!

His arms were pinned tightly to his sides.

I was so curious! Everyone in the dungeon was watching as she escorted him to the very front of the room and ‘plugged him in’! He was standing; facing us all – completely naked and exposed – lit up with what appeared to be at least one hundred tiny red lights! Then, she turned him so that his back faced us and there – written in glow in the dark paint across his entire back and ass – it said…..

Happy Valentine’s Day! ~ Slut!

Oh the place was in hysterics laughing and pointing at this awesome display! Sometimes; you use your submissive to wish everyone a happy valentine’s day! She left him there for about half an hour and she let all of the Mistresses draw on the front side of his body. Oh it was so much fun decorating him!

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