The Alphabet Promo! A Free call for all previous callers of LDW

Starting on October 6th and continuing through October 31st,
each day our head Mistress will post a “Letter of the Day” on
If your last name starts with that letter, you get a free 10 minute call with ME or with
the lovely Mistress of your choice!

ou must be a previous caller of the service  before the first
letter in your last name is the “Letter of the Day” in order to
take advantage of this promotion.

Now here’s the trick – you’ll have to visit
to find out the letter of the day. Our lovely dispatchers will not
be able to tell you the letter of the day, so you can’t call in and
ask if it’s your day. You’ll need to tell the dispatcher that you’re calling
in for the Letter of the Day promo in order to get your call.

The Letter of the Day will be posted right after Midnight Eastern Time each
day, and you can call to claim your call anytime after that.

Post any questions here, and enjoy your free call!

Some questions I’ve already received:

Mistress Scarlet what if it’s my ‘day’ and you’re not online (yahoo IM enchantrixscarlet)?

No problem! Just email me at and I will be able to let
you know when I’ll be available so you can use your free 10 minutes with me.

Mistress Scarlet I love texting with you! Can I use my 10 minutes for texting?

Yes, you may.

Mistress Scarlet do you like it when I make calls; even if they’re free for me?

Absolutely! Anytime you communicate with me; it pleases me! I think FREE is good! Use it!