This is your fair skinned, red headed Goddess Scarlet here to tell you exactly what I plan to do with you and your cock the next time we’re together.

You see, I have a bit of a fetish for bondage. Typically one would be bound using leather straps, handcuffs, or another of my favorite tools, rope. For this scene however, I’m going to use a completely new material. First, I’m going to have my toy (that would be you) get naked for Mistress. I’ll hand you a small leather cock strap for you to wrap around your cock and your balls and to snap tightly underneath. I like ‘the goods’ to be prominently on display.

What Will I Do With you?

What Will I Do With you?


It’s Time To Wrap You Up!

You’ll stand up straight as Mistress stretches out the plastic saran wrap and begins to wrap it around your torso. With your arms down to at your sides; I’ll quickly bind your upper half. You feel constricted. The plastic wrap is much stronger than you imagined it would be as I begin wrapping it around your lower back and then over your hips. With each pass over your groin I make sure to avoid your cock and your balls; allowing them to remain out of the plastic wrap as I continue wrapping down over your upper thighs and even down to your knees.

You’re Completely Restrained!

As I stand back to admire my gift wrapping skills, you realize just how truly restrained you are. You can barely move an inch as your feet can barely function with your knees kept so close together. There’s no need for you to move at all my pet! I want you to stay right where you are. You are in the perfect position for some extreme cock teasing and orgasm denial!

Your Cock Is Exposed!

Mmmmmm! Mistress loves teasing a cock on display! I’ll slip on my favorite long, black, latex gloves. Slipping them up to my elbows before applying silky smooth lubricant to the palms and fingertips. All you can do is watch as I prepare my hands for your teasing. Your cock will begin to drip as it has a mind of it’s own and is reaching out towards me. Begging to be touched. Begging to be teased.