Are you ready to submit? To allow Me to be in control? scarletstanding

Part of letting go of control is learning how to ask for permission. It’s the simple technique – permission requested; permission (possibly) granted. When you’re used to being the boss; in charge of your day to day life; you might find it hard to start having to ‘Ask For Permission’ from your Mistress.

I understand that

It will take some restraint. That first time that you find yourself wanting to touch yourself; but then you remember you consented to me. You granted me the authorization to completely control several things: when you touch yourself, when you masturbate and when you orgasm. These are all very different things. Will you be able to hold yourself back while you reach out to me and ASK for permission?

“Mistress Scarlet may I touch myself”. Go ahead. Practice it. Say it out loud.

Will you be shaking when you say it to me for the first time? Will it make your cock rock hard to know how much it turns me on to have that control over you?

It does you know. It turns me on. I love it when I make the decisions and when you submit yourself to me.

Our relationship may not have this aspect in it….yet….but it will. It always does. Because that’s how I want it. And I’m in charge.