Lately people have been asking me about the term ‘BDE’. It seems this term is getting used a lot more; especially on social media. In order to explain BDE; I have to also explain it’s complete opposite…….sds! Here we go…………..

BDE = Big Dick Energy
sds = small dick syndrome

I bet you read those descriptions and that you already know which one you have; either BDE or sds – don’t you?

Let me go into a little more detail about each one; just in case you’re wondering how women can tell which one you have…………………

BDE – mmmmmm – a man with BDE is confident, he knows how to talk with women, he can carry himself in any environment, he sometimes wears clothes (i.e. tailored dress pants) that show off his big cock package, he’s not afraid to talk to anyone and he always makes the first and final move. Often this term is used to describe a man that has the attitude of ‘getting what he wants’ in every situation. Example: Tom walked into the boardroom and every head turned; it was as if they could smell the BDE dripping from him.

sds – well, it’s the complete opposite. Most men with sds (there are few exceptions) don’t have a confident walk, are unable to make eye contact with beautiful women, wait for a woman to ‘make a move’ (aka ask for a date, first kiss, initiate sex), don’t usually hold high powered jobs (current potus is the obvious exception here), take orders from men with BDE. Example: Shawn had such bad sds that he just sat at the bar sipping on a soda while he watched everyone else have a good time.

Now, these are broad generalizations of course – however, in my experience as a woman and as a Mistress; these are pretty spot on!

Now that you know these two terms – you should also know about a couple of ’emojis’ that represent some sexual things – the big purple eggplant represents a big dick and a juicy peach represents a sexy ass. You’re welcome.