It’s only been a couple of weeks since I posted about Phone Humiliation. I’ve received so many emails and skype messages as well as comments here on my blog about specific fetishes and if I would please share some more. Of course I will!

Be My Throne

Be My Throne

Today I want to tell you all about Queening; also known as face sitting or smothering. This can also encompass the act of being human furniture.  You’ll find that I love to educate people on different fetishes and bdsm activities. I am a real life BDSM ‘lifestyler’ so have dabbled in quite a few of these fetishes and am considered a ‘pro’ at others. This happens to be one of those fetishes that I am very experienced in! Let’s explore……………

For those lucky few who have experienced Queening before; you know exactly what I’m talking about! For others; please allow me to explain. The act of Queening is when a dominant female allows her submissive (slave, sissy, lover, etc.) to worship her pussy. By worship I mean to lick, suck, devour, nibble, taste, and ultimately enjoy the pleasuring of the goddess. Now, queening can be done in many ways. Lying his head over the side of the bed with mistress standing above him with a thigh on each of his ears comes to mind! Of course, there’s also the Queening Chair – mmmmmmmm – The Scarlet Mistress has had the pleasure of being seated in a Queening Chair for, quite literally, hours at a time being serviced. This is a throne type of chair that has a hole cut out of the seat. A small pillow or head rest is put beneath on the floor for the ‘raising up’ of the submissive’s head so that he can reach all suitable areas of the goddess. Doesn’t this sound yummy?! It is indeed!

Be My Throne – Listen to an audio from The Scarlet Mistress.

Now, a couple of other terms were used here; Smothering and Face Sitting. Face sitting is the act of sitting oneself directly onto another person’s….well….face! Smothering involves face sitting with the added breathing difficulty which can then involve breath play and even some suffocation when precautions are taken. (Mistress always recommends playing safely and only with those you trust).  Here’s a fun fact for you to know: a Succubus is an ancient feminine creature that would visit men in their sleep – have sex with them – sit on their faces – and suffocate them!

And last, but not least, is Human Furniture. Imagine yourself on all fours – sturdy and steady – with me perched on top of you! You can be my furniture. An ottoman for my feet? A loveseat for myself and a girlfriend? Or would you like to be a rug on the floor? Imagine the possiblities!

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