Be My Valentine? I always love this time of year; when you go into the stores and see love everywhere. Yes, I know it’s a commercial holiday – and I’m ok with that!

I once had someone ask me why we would be taking calls on Valentine’s Day instead of being with our lover/boyfriend/husband and I told him that I always try to be available because I would never want anyone to feel alone. Also, there are 24 hours in a day – I can usually carve out a few of them on a holiday to be with my callers and chatters!

I’m going to be available quite a lot in February; no major travel planned and barring anything un-forseen; making an appointment with me should be pretty easy to do! Just submit the appointment form here on my blog to do that.

Amazon Valentine Wish List – there’s the link for anyone who’d love to spoil me for the holiday – or for any day! I love receiving gifts and gift cards from you and I appreciate you SO much!

I do have a pretty hot (if I do say so myself!) audio in the store if you want to buy it and download it: Valentine’s Day Cuckold

I wrote a phone sex Valentine Poem a few years ago and wanted to share that here with you:

A Phone Sex Valentine’s Poem

My phone rings and I know it’s you
calling to talk dirty with me
what mood might you be in today
horny, hot, needy – all three?

I can’t wait to start to push your buttons
finding out your deepest desires.
Do you know how much it turns me on
when I know it’s my mind you admire?

Oh Valentine I know our time is brief
but it means oh so much it’s true
when you jerk off and save it up
just so I can take it from you!



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