Beta Cuck Training. Mmmmm. You know it’s what you want. It’s what you need. Sometimes when we fantasize on phone calls; we talk about what it would be like to be in a real cuckold relationship. A totally Female Led Relationship; an FLR. I love talking about it – all of those yummy details of how I keep you in line – how I humiliate you in a loving way. 9 minute audio – Price $27 – All June 2021 Price $15 – Listen To SampleGo To Audio Store

I recorded this audio just for you. I’ve put it on sale for the launch; for the entire month of June get it for just $15! In this erotic fantasy audio; I tell you that tonight is the night you’re going to actually be meeting my lover. You’ve fully agreed to a cuckold relationship and I took a bull right away. I usually go out to meet him, spend nights at his place, go on trips, etc. but I feel it’s time for the two of you to meet. You see; I want to do a little ‘comparing’. I think it will be good for you. He’s so large; as I’ve told you many times. His cock is so alpha – so commanding – you just have to see for yourself. I want to see you standing next to one another – or facing one another – so that you and I can really see just how cucked you are and always will be.

This audio isn’t mean or cruel; it’s a sensual humiliating theme with a loving and caring nature to it. Of course; this has an sph/cuckold theme and if you’re wondering what it would be like to see me (your girlfriend, your wife) admiring another man; this is for you.

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