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I am a lover of body worship; whether it be a submissive act or simply a sensual one. The body is covered in delicious nerve endings that are sometimes ignored. Some body parts are explored and given more attention than others. I think quite often, men are highly sensitized to very particular areas. Many men are quite breast obsessed!

Let’s talk about paying attention to the breasts in particular today. When I’m with a new sex scarlet5partner or on the occasion where I may let a submissive worship my breasts; I find that they immediately go directly for my nipples. Now, my nipples are certainly prominent and worth the attention, however, I do have two entire breasts to be explored and adored!

It’s as if my nipples are targets, the bullseye on a dart board! I understand, I do. However, I want to be the woman to teach all men about the importance of including the entire breast. Here are some suggestions:

– Kiss every inch of skin of the breast, including lifting the breast and kissing underneath. (Note: this can be a type of Kissing Body Worship)

– Use your entire hand to cup the breast from underneath; supporting the breast and lifting it up just a bit is an exquisite feeling.

– Place your hand flat against the breast with the nipple right in the palm of your hand and then allow your fingers to knead the breast tissue. Just open and close your fingers repeatedly.

– Take a breast in both hands and knead. Do this with each breast; providing a sensual breast massage.

These are just a few ways for you to incorporate breasts in your play and worship. I promise, I, or whoever the fortunate recipient is, will notice the difference and appreciate having the focus on her entire breast rather than just her nipple.