Your fem dom mistress has written a sexy fantasy for those that may be ‘curious’………..

You read the ad over and over again. The title was ‘late night bj m4m’. The ad said simply: ‘come to my hotel.  drop to your knees and blow me ‘til I cum.’ And a picture. Oh the picture. A mouth watering cock in all it’s glory. That was it. That was the whole dirty thing. You read the ad and your dick reacted immediately. Could you be the one he’s talking about?

It’s like the ad was calling to you; beckoning you to satisfy the secret urges you’ve been having for so many years. Secretly fantasizing about Sucking Cock. It would be so easy to hit reply and send a message. Something like ‘I can be there in 20 minutes; what’s the hotel and room number?’. That simple.  Annonymous cock sucking doesn’t mean anything, right? Just drive over there, knock on the door, and do just what the ad demanded. What would it feel like to have a stranger’s cock in your mouth? Would it taste as good as you think? Manly and sweaty; soft skin with a hard interior. Would he be rough with you? How long would you get to suck it? How would you know if you were doing it right? Would he warn you before he had an orgasm or would it just happen? Would cum eating be involved? So many questions running through your mind.

Thinking about this stranger’s cock, reading the ad over and over again and staring at that picture have you rock hard. Reaching down between your legs you close the window and then close your eyes. Letting the fantasy of the possible reality take you all the way past the brink of orgasm.

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