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If you are a lover of our ladies here at LDW then you surely have heard of some fetishes and kinks that you may not be familiar with. I am often asked about these. Specifically I am asked most often about sph Bracelet-Key3(small penis humiliation), cei (cum eating instructions) and orgasm chastity. Today we’ll focus specifically on chastity training and orgasm denial; but feel free to ask me anytime about any fetish you want to know about.

You want to know; what is chastity and is it right for me?

Chastity means that you are being ‘chaste’; meaning that you aren’t haven’t orgasms on your own. Chastity can be self imposed; meaning you are in charge of deciding when and if you cum. A lot of men will experiment with chastity by holding off on orgasming for several days before allowing themselves to cum. He may masturbate but not allow himself to cum. This can build the intensity of the orgasm when it ultimately happens.

The truth is; you don’t always have a choice.

Often times; your chastity will be completely in the control of the woman in your life. The woman that has the power to decide if you will be in control of your own orgasms or if she will be in control of them. She will decide for how long you’ll be locked in chastity. Wouldn’t it feel better to let yourself just lose that control? Yes, it would. Trust me; I know.

Give up all control.

When you give yourself over to being placed in chastity (whether it be in mental chastity or with an actual chastity cock cage and a lock); you allow someone else the decisions completely. After you take that first step; all else is out of your control. Completely. Let it happen. I know you want to.

My pre-recorded audios that relate to chastity:

Men Need Chastity – Length:  5:19  Cost: $18
Oh you poor thing. How long has it been since you’ve been allowed to cum? Not – Long – Enough!

I’m Not Gonna Let You Cum – Length: 5:00 Cost $15
You don’t really expect me to let you cum do you? I am going to own your cock and your orgasms. You’ll gladly turn it over to me when I use my body to tease you. Once it’s mine, I’ll be making all of the decisions. Just as it should be.