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So you’ve been watching cum eating and dominatrix porn videos where they make a man swallow his own cum. It’s turned you on. You want to do it, too. How exciting!

Cum eating is a very popular fetish but one that many men find difficult to actually do. I’ve been coaching and training men to eat their own cum for years; so, believe me, I know! Here at LDW group we have a wonderful website called Coached Cum Eating where you can read essays and see which of our sexy Mistresses (if I’m not available for a call; you have options!) are into helping men turn cum eating fantasies into reality.

The issue is that you get so excited at the thought of eating it, at the foreplay aspect of masturbating on your way to orgasm, of being guided and coerced; convinced and teased to do it. But then… cum…..and you lose that ‘urge’ don’t you? You change your mind. Your cock tells you it’s not interested.

Not a big deal – the good news is that we can try and try again – and again – and again! I have techniques, tricks, ideas and ways…….to help make it happen. But, what about tasting the pre-cum? Does that count as actually ‘eating your cum’?

If you’re masturbating and you produce some pre-cum; have you rubbed your fingers into it and then sucked them off? Have you licked it off? Did you like the taste?

Good! Excellent! I want you to keep doing that – but, let’s make absolutely no mistake in being very clear on how I feel about whether or not eating your pre-cum counts as cum eating.

It doesn’t.

It’s as simple as that. It’s not cum. It’s not enough. It does not count.

It’s a good start – I recommend it – I encourage it. But, you are not an actual cum eater until you’ve actually eaten your whole load.

Want my Coached Cum Eating help? Schedule a session with me for phone or live chat – or – if you want immediate instructions; I offer two pre-recorded audios: Eat Your Cum Shot and Guided Cum Eating.