Would you rather Listen To This Blog Post?

I often find myself on a phone sex call with someone that is brand new to the idea of Eating Their Own Cum. It’s not something that a lot of men have thought of but when you’re looking for ways to change your masturbation routine; your own cum might seem like an interesting possibility! A lot of men find me on the LDW website called Coached Cum Eating; where the Mistresses have written bios and recorded audios to help entice you to follow through!

Coached Cum Eating

I personally have a cum eating training method that I like to employ. I have created it and developed it over the years by trying different things and seeing what works. I have found that there are steps and methods of training that can pretty much guarantee the cum eating follow through (as opposed to hanging up before letting me hear that slurping sound!) I can’t go through the specifics of cum eating training here because I’d really prefer to do it with you on the phone; but let’s just say that the success rate has been in the upper 90 percentile.

90% Success Rate!

What I’ve been noticing lately; is that a lot of the men that were cum eating virgins originally have now added cum eating to their masturbation routines on a regular basis! I always told them that they would become addicted to it – I don’t think they believed me! Do you believe me?

Become Addicted

I’m a very convincing Mistress and I truly do enjoy encouraging you to follow through with your kinky cum eating desires. From cum eating to anal exploration, from cock and ball torture to weaving an entire phone sex fantasy – I’m your Mistress!