Hello cum eater! This blog is for you! I am so excited to give you some ideas on Cum Mixology!

What’s cum mixology? Well, it’s when you take your fresh or saved load of cum and you mix it up with something to give it a different type of flavor. A new taste, a cum concoction if you will! I’ve had men use cookies, pudding, cake, doughnuts, jelly rolls, etc. – maybe you’ve jerked off onto some sort of food before? Wasn’t it tasty when you were able to eat your own cum off of it? I think it’s exciting to try something different!

When we think of mixology; we think of moscow mules, martinis, cosmopolitans, etc. Let’s think about what we might make with one common ingredient – cum. Here are some ideas I have and some that I’ve learned from my favorite jizz swallowers!

  • A Frothy Beer! Pour yourself a fresh beer and add your cum right to the top!
  • A Cumtini! Put some vodka over ice, dirty or neat, then add your load for a twist!
  • Semen Bomb! A bit of jaggermeister and red bull with all of your semen!
  • Nutty Irishman! One of my favorite cocktails; coffee mixed with a bit of amaretto and of course – your full nut!
  • Mint Cordial! A bit of your favorite creme-de-mint and – the secret ingredient; dick juice!

I hope you’ll try some of these semen cocktails! If you grab all of the ingredients; I’m sure I can help you produce the main one during a phone or live chat session! If you can’t make a call but still want to hear my voice encouraging you to eat your cum; check out my pre-recorded cum eating audios!