I wrote a sensual cuckold fantasy just for you. Listen to me read it.


You’re standing in the bar, leaning against the counter as you stare out at the dance floor. You’re dressed well enough in slacks and a button down shirt, neat haircut, cologne, wedding ring on your left hand. Anyone walking in might think you were there with your lovely wife having a date night. What little do they know.  You’re actually here escorting your wife as she has date night with another man.

Date Night With Another Man

You would never have imagined a marriage where your wife had an active dating life.  That you would be a cuckold husband. Yet, here you are. On the dance floor the music is playing a slow, sexy R&B number, and you easily spot them. Your wife in the slinky red dress you recently bought her, her hair down her back and her beautiful face looking up at the handsome man guiding her. He is looking down at her as he leads her as only a real man could. He is taller than you, more fit than you, and certainly more dominant than you. She looks at him with respect, desire and pride as they glide across the floor.

You can’t help but notice their hips, how close they are to one another. Leaning in to one another as only an intimate couple would. You can’t recall having her look into your eyes the way she looks into his, even during your first dance at your wedding. His hand gently sits at the small of her back, and his fingertips just graze over the thin material there. Even now, you can remember how well they fit together sexually.

They Fit Together

As the song starts to come to an end, you turn to the bartender and order a drink for each of them. Making sure they have a fresh cocktail when they return to the bar is an unspoken requirement.  They’re arm in arm, laughing, as they walk towards you. The gleam in her eyes, and the flash of her smile, makes your heart swell.  Knowing that she is happy is what you live for.

They approach the bar and he grabs a stool, pulls it out for her to have a seat. Before sitting, she leans over to you and places her hand on your shoulder, leaning in and giving you a kiss on the cheek. With a wink she grabs her glass and the ice clinks. She takes a sip and closes her eyes, savoring the taste. She has always been a woman that knows what she enjoys.  Her date, for an example.

She Knows What She Enjoys

You sit back and watch them as they chat and touch. His hand slides up her knee to the outside of her thigh. He looks over at you and gives you a nod, acknowledging your presence. He leans right into her and touches her cheek, pulling her face towards his and gently placing a kiss on her lips. She closes her eyes as he deepens the kiss, taking his time as he explores her mouth with his tongue, marking her, taking her sensuously. Her lower back arches as she leans into him, her hands sliding up his chest. His hand moves up her back, finding her neck and holding her tightly. The kiss slows. One last, small, closed mouth kiss on the lips. A sigh. A shutter. His hand finds hers as he stands and pulls her back out on the dance floor.

You sit and wait. Knowing soon, they’ll need a ride home.

Listen to me read this blog post – call me soon for a cuckold fantasy session.

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