Mistress Scarlet - 1.800.601.6975I want to know – do my high heels turn you on? Do you think you have a high heel fetish?

Women have been using high heels to their advantage since the day they went on the market. What’s not to love about the look of them? They showcase my gorgeous legs, they make my calves look amazing and did you see what they do to my ass? It’s not a question of why I wear them; it’s a question of what they do to you.Mistress Scarlet wants to know if high heels turn you on

A High Heel Fetish Story

I remember sitting at a bar and having a man walk right up to me and tell me he loved my high heels. I think I was about 20 years old at the time. He told me, quite directly, that he had a high heel fetish. After several rounds of drinks we found ourselves nearly alone at the corner of the bar. I watched his eyes follow every move as I crossed my feet at my ankles and made lazy circles with the toe of my heel. My favorite part of this eye opening night was when I got up to go to the ladies room and I could literally feel his eyes following me as I went. Was he watching my ass? My high heeled sexy legs? I’m sure it was a combination. I could see the tent in his pants as I sat back down. Our night ended shortly after; but this was certainly an eye opener for me. One that I enjoyed very much.

Do My High Heels Turn You On?

What about you? What do my sexy high heels do to you? Do you enjoy the look of them? Perhaps you want a bit more………do you want to worship them? Kiss and lick them? Do you want to suck my heel into your mouth? Feel my heel against your face?

I know you want my heels. I know they give you those tingles of excitement up and down your spine and into your cock. It’s been many decades that women have been using high heels to entice men; you’ve only fallen into our trap…………………………………..

What kind of high heels do you like? What kind do you think would look great on me? Share in the comments below…..

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