Do you think about her ex?

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Her ex lover, boyfriend, husband? I know you do. You might have even asked her the question all men want to know………”was he bigger than me?”. Or perhaps you really want to know if he gave her better orgasms? If he turned her on more? Treated her better?

I know you’re curious! It’s really quite natural to want to know these things. It’s that primal instinct in you; wanting to know that you’re the Alpha. Needing your woman to give you that reassurance.

But……… What if you’re really the beta?

What if he really was bigger than you? What if he did give her better orgasms than you do? What if he did turn her on more? And treated her better?

What would all of that mean? Would it mean her ex was more of a man than you are? It could even mean……that she wants to be with him again! She might be fantasizing about him while you’re making love! She could even be…..cuckolding you by sucking his big cock behind your back!

That would be completely humiliating. Completely emasculating. To have your girlfriend/hot wife/lover sleeping with someone that she obviously feels is superior to you. Wow. Think about that. I bet you already have. I would wager that you’ve actually masturbated to the thought of her getting banged by her ex. Admit it. You have. Haven’t you?

It’s ok. It’s natural. All men do it. All men jack off to the thought of their woman being pleasured by another man.

Don’t they?

Let’s talk about it. I could even pretend to be her. Mmmmmm. I think I’d like that. I’d like to tell you the truth about the ex.

If you can’t make a call; consider a live chat session – and if that doesn’t work; consider one of my pre-recorded cuckold erotic audios!