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By now; surely you’ve seen the Vanity Fair photos of Bruce Jenner transformed into Caitlyn. I’ve been enjoying watching him be a courageous transgender. I have been thinking a lot about some of the calls that I’ve had over my years here at the wonderful LDW empire; the callers with feminization fantasies and specifically those with callers that are actually going through the Male to Female (M to F) transformation. I know it takes courage and a lot of moxy to talk to me and tell me all of your cross dressing secrets! Thank you for trusting me.

Transformation can be FUN!

While I know this is a serious life change; I can’t help but try to throw some fun and frills into it. I mean; if Caitlyn Jenner can be dolled up in a sexy bustier and makeup; I can indulge myself in some transformation fun! It got me to thinking about some songs that just might reference a M to F or F to M transformation; or at least some sort of gender bending. Can you think of some?

Gender Bending Play List!

I’ll list a few here with a lyric or two from the song – and I would LOVE it if you would add any songs that come to mind in the Comments section below. How many can we come up with? We could create our own playlist!

Dude by Aerosmith: this has to be the top one! I mean; backstage ‘she’ brings out her gun? Uh huh!

What it Feels Like For A Girl by Madonna: secretly; you’d love to know what it feels like; wouldn’t you? What it feels like for a girl!

Walk on The Wild Side by Lou Reed: Holly shaved her legs then and then he was a she!

Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show: enough said!

Please add your song titles in the comments section below – maybe we’ll hear a playlist on Cock Radio!