The latest Julia Robert’s chick flick is Eat Pray Love. I went to see it with several of my girlfriends on Friday night. There was so much I fell in love with in this movie! Mainly; the desire to travel to Bali! And secondly, the newfound love for Brazilian music. During one scene in the film; there was this amazingly sexy music playing ~ I swear it went right to my loins! I felt myself swaying in my seat; wishing I had a sexy man there with me to samba with. 

As soon as I got home; I went to and ordered Tanto Tempo by Bebel Gilberto. The song that I’m referring to is Samba da Benceo. I’m already fantasizing about being on a sensual call with one of my favorite men; putting my new CD in my stereo and just letting the music take us away. I am a firm believe in the power of seduction and music can be just one form of it. I can imagine just letting myself melt into the music; dancing and swaying in my living room. Care to dance with me?

I haven’t ordered the movie soundtrack; but it is in my wish list if someone would like to send it to me (hint, hint).

So, all in all the movie was lovely. If only I had an entire year to take off and travel the world! Oh but you’d miss me wouldn’t you? I can’t leave my pets! So maybe a trip to Bali is in my future; where exactly is that? I’ll need to consult my atlas and find out!


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