Here we are in sunny Florida on our annual Mistress retreat! The retreat started yesterday and oh my goodness have the stories already begun to get around the LDW world! Enchantrix Empire is just blowing up with posts and blogs and comments!

Today we spent some time on the beach – here’s a photo to show you what today looked like! This is just the most gorgeous weather for spending time together in Florida – wish you were here!

Some of the mistresses and I will be spending time together in various hotel rooms; having pajama parties, celebrating some of our callers’ birthdays, doing group erotic phone humiliation calls, and taking individual calls as well. Imagine calling one mistress and being able to hear four or more giggling and moaning in the background!

Today on the beach I was thinking how amazing it would be to have one of my favorite callers here, giving me a wonderful suntan oil rub town. Greg; I’m talking about you. I know you’re up there in the cold and I’m down here in the sun; but just know that I was thinking about you today. Dream about how you could be here to worship my body.

Being with the mistresses in real time, hanging out in our pj’s, and sharing sexy stories has us all a little hot and bothered! We will be here until Thursday – hope you get lucky enough to have a call with one of us while we’re here! There’s certainly a sexy hot energy all around; gee I wonder why!