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Foot & Body Worship

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of receiving some lovely foot and body worship. While I do enjoy this very much in my ‘real life’ play; I also enjoy it during phone fantasy sessions. You might wonder how this is even possible to do over the phone! Most people think it’s all just phone sex! They don’t realize that the largest sex organ that we posess is our minds; therefore our imagination and our fantasies!

When someone calls in for a foot or body worship fantasy; I find myself really getting into it! Worship is a very erotic and sensual thing so I slide into something very comfortable against my skin; perhaps something silk or lace. (Once I even made a bubble bath to slink into during the session!) I may put on some of my favorite high heels. Some perfume of course. And then I curl up on my sofa and hold the phone close while we start to weave the fantasy.

I will use my hands to caress my skin as I’m describing the parts of my body that I wish to have worshipped. I may put my feet up on my ottomon to really get an idea of what that angle looks like from my view or from the callers. It’s so much fun to close my eyes and run my fingertips over my skin to truly put me into the same headspace that my playmate is in. Sometimes I find myself getting lost in the fantasy and really letting it take over!

So, you see, Foot and Body Worship certainly can be done in a phone session ~ even in a texting session! It just takes some creativity, imagination, sensuality, and playfullness! Call me anytime if you’d like to play. You may also email me or Yahoo IM me ahead of time if you’d like to set up an appointment.

For an Erotic Phone Sex Session with The Scarlet Mistress, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card

7 comments to Foot & Body Worship

  • wannabe

    Ms. Scarlet, I could not agree with you more that phone and text sessions are incredible when they go “both ways” and that the power of imagination is an incredible thing. The female form has always been an amazing thing to me and just a Mistress’ description of thier senses and actions can be enough to set me over the edge on multiple occasions.


  • Scarlet

    Wannabe – you are SO right! I love indulging in fantasies like that. When I get a call from someone wanting to worship my body; I get so excited!

  • peterteasetoy

    Hmmm, body worship! It is one of my favourite things, along with being teased, Mistress Scarlet!

    And you are absolutely spot on when you talk about the largest sex organ that we possess is our minds!

    The vast canvases we can paint of alternate realities, where we can roleplay different scenarios and scenes in, right down to the attention to detail that is needed to pleasure the delectable curves of a beautiful Mistress.

    It’s all in there waiting to be explored!

  • ms anns steph

    Curtsey Empress Scarlett. WOw! a year ago I wrote the following ” I hope you have a wonderful time in Flordia and have many other wonderful views other than the ocean. Thank you for participating in Ms Ann’s sissy auction and giving out the sissie pennies as well as the wonderful items for auction. I am honored to be the first to leave a comment here.
    ” And now it’s nearly a year later, I wanted to comment and THANK you For Participating in this year’s Penny Auction. I’ve not been able for some time to come in and read all of you ladies blog. Lots have happened over this last year…including the creation of the Empire and addition of so many more wonderful ladies. I loved your picture last year,and I love your picture this year. I also loved reading your blog “foot and body worship” As you wrote “I’m describing the parts of my body that I wish to have worshipped”, I would love to be the girl listening to your voice as you describe the part of your body you wish to have worshiped. And with your permission, worshipping that part of your body for your pleasure. Curtsey

  • ass slave

    It would be an honor to worship every centimeter of the Scarlet Mistress. What acts would please the Scarlet Mistress, HUM?

  • Scarlet

    One year has gone by so quick! And what a ball I have had! I am so excited to participate again in the penny auction!

    @Ass Slave – oh now I do believe you are very well aware of just what I like 😉 Aren’t you my ass slave?

  • ass slave

    As Master Scarlet desires.

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