Worship My Feet

Your Mistress has long legs and wears a size 8.5 in heels. I know you want to spend some time worshiping them. You have such an intense foot fetish. Would you like to receive a Foot Slave Foot Job?

I made an audio for you; my foot slave. You can hear the free teaser here.

The writing below is a “pre-tease” to the audio. Setting the scene if you will. Enjoy……..

I’m coming home after a long day and expect you to have a cold drink waiting for me on my nightstand. I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting my arrival. Struggling to stay away from my closet where you know my amazing shoe collection waits. Those are not for you to admire tonight; only the shoes I’m wearing and the pretty feet inside.

I arrive home and walk directly to the bedroom where you’re waiting. You’ve propped up pillows against the headboard for me to lean back and relax. I stop at the foot of the bed and slip my dress up over my head. I’m left wearing my favorite Agent Provocateur lingerie; a black demi bra with lace cups, a matching black lace thong, a set of seam and heel hold ups. Of course, your eyes drag down my body admiring the lingerie but ultimately you’re watching to see if I’m going to slip out of my black pumps or if I’m going to leave them on while you worship my legs.

I sit on the edge of the bed and cross my legs; my heels still covering the two parts of my body you desire to touch the most. I reach over and pick up my drink. I take my time having a sip and telling you what a good boy you are. You know to just wait until I tell you what to do next. Your cock is straining against your pants; as if it wants to reach out on its own and caress the backs of my thighs.

I enjoy teasing you. I take my time. Now, come here foot slave. On your knees.

Did you enjoy being teased? The scene is set and now, you can listen to the Foot Slave Foot Job audio if you chose to indulge yourself and purchase it. Don’t forget; I do make custom audios if you have something you’d like to have me record.