Call Me For FREE on March 23rd! This is my Featured Mistress day!

Here’s the 411 on this very special day for YOU and for ME!

WHO: YOU get to call ME for FREE! This offer is valid for anyone that has ever purchased an LDW service at any time in the past. If you’ve called Call Me - FREEany of the beautiful LDW Mistresses, you may take advantage of this free offer.

WHAT: You get 10 Minutes for FREE! This is a $25 value! Just give me a call at 1.800.601.6975 and let the dispatcher know you wish to have your FREE 10 minutes applied towards your call. There is no minimum. You are welcome to just use the ten minutes; however I recommend leaving your call open because you won’t want it to end!

WHEN: Saturday, March 23rd – 12AM – 4AM and then from 2PM – Midnight. That’s 14 hours of phone sex fun!

Some Notes:

This is a very special month for me; my LDW Anniversary Month! It has been THREE delicious years that I have been providing phone fetish fantasies! Time has flown by! I am so excited to spend time with you on the 23rd!

Because this is a very special day; I won’t be scheduling appointments or checking my email that day. If you want to make sure I have you on my yahoo account (for using your webcam during our session); please find me there prior to the 23rd. enchantrixscarlet is my handle. Please understand, I will not be chatting on yahoo messenger on the 23rd UNLESS we are on the phone together. You may also send me your pre-call questionnaire prior to the 23rd.

I can’t wait to PLAY with YOU!

P.S. – make sure to watch the Featured Mistress page! All of our Mistresses receive a Featured day during the month of their anniversary. You can call ALL of them!