Most of the country is under cold advisories and watching the snow pile up outside their windows! You’re cooped up inside; hopefully with a heather or a fireplace! Bet you could use some company; couldn’t you? I’m happy to report that I’m nice and cozy here in Florida – ready to spend some time with you!

Mistress Scarlet - Phone Sex - 1.800.601.6975If you want to have a call with me; the best way to do it is to reach out to me to pick a time together. I’m often available even if you don’t see me on the sites. I make it very easy to get in touch with me, too! You can either email me (I check email often! and ask if I am available – or even better, tell me what time would work best for you! I will often be able to make it work. I always want to spend time with you. Securing a time with me is the only way to make certain that we can keep each other hot, hot, hot! Your masturbation session needs me! You know you need me to control your cock; no matter what the weather’s like!

If you don’t want to make a call; perhaps a live chat/sexy texting session with me would be ideal. It’s super top secret and extra fun! I use skype for all of my chatting – NO – you do NOT need to use video! I don’t offer video at all but I can watch you; only if you want to be exposed for your Mistress. Otherwise; it’s just like the old yahoo or aol chat that we all used to use (oh how I miss them!). Again, you can find me on skype quite often and you’re welcome to say hi anytime, to ask if I’m available to have a session, to schedule a session, etc. Skype is also great for sharing web links (porn anyone?) and for picture sharing (want to show me something?).

And – just one more thing that might help keep you toasty – all of my exclusive pre-recorded audios are available 24/7. You might find something that’s just perfect for you – or you could ask me to make something custom!

Baby, it’s cold outside! But it doesn’t have to be cold inside!