You can’t see your surroundings for the blindfold is tight against your eyelids. Mistress forbids you to look at her! Your naked body feels every square of the tile beneath you. You can’t scream through the rubber ballgag that was shoved into your mouth the moment you began to beg for release. Your knees and elbows are throbbing with a dull heartbeat from lying here waiting for what seems like hours.

Your little dick begins to rise as you hear the ‘click – click’ of your mistress’ high heel boots on the tile – getting louder as each step brings your goddess closer to you. You grunt when you feel the toe of her boot jabbing at your exposed side!


Don't Look At Me Piggy!

“Grunt! Grunt for me hog! I thought you might still be here. So nice of you to wait there for me little piggy! I thought for sure you’d try to wiggle your way out of your binds. Awwww, but you’re in a Hog Tie aren’t you little piggy? Tied up so that you could be strung up and slow roasted! You’ll stay right there while I go visit my long time lover. I’ll decide what to do with you when I return. Now be a good oinker and stay put!” ~ The Scarlet Mistress

Listen to an Audio Sample of Hog Tied: Hog Tied Teaser 
For a more intense Audio: Visit the Tease Mania Sound Files and search for ‘The Scarlet Mistress’ – you might get lucky and find more audios this way.

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