I get so many calls wanting to know if I love BBC! Oh my oh my, do I just LOVE BBC! If you are wondering what BBC is – it’s Big. Black. Cock.

Today I want to tell you all about a little fantasy I shared with a caller. We like to pretend that we’re married and that I have him trained to be a good little cuck boy. As a cuck; he just has to accept that I can go out and find a stud to take good care of my sexual needs. I leave my little…..and I do mean little …..husband at home while I go meet my hot, hung bull; Jamal!

Jamal likes to call me and give me only a few minutes warning. He beckons me to the hotel and promises to make me feel like a real woman. Jamal knows all about my little man back home; we laugh and joke about what sex would be like with my little man. After a good laugh; I get on my knees and worship that beautiful chocolate cock! I close my eyes and just let my mouth get filled with that manly rod!

We love to imagine that I come home after an afternoon of hot hotel sex with Jamal, lift up my skirt, sit on the edge of the bed and have my little cuck husband crawl over and get right between my legs. I spread my thighs open wide and tell him to use his tongue. I want him to clean me out and taste Jamal’s seed on my thighs and inside me. Mmmmmmm! I close my eyes and remember what Jamal felt like deep inside me, what those orgasms felt like crashing through me! When my little man is all done cleaning me up; sometimes I’ll let him masturbate in front of me.

Sometimes I don’t.

Listen to an Audio Sample of Hotel Sex With Jamal : Audio

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