I felt like sharing a personal storywith you today………….

Let Me Tell You A Story

Let Me Tell You A Story

I have always had a fascination with lingerie. When I was learning what it meant to be a woman; I remember thinking that wearing pantyhose was the most mature and sexy step into womanhood I could take! I still remember rolling on a pair of opaque panthose. They were strange yet completely natural to me. It felt so sensual to roll them up in my hands, lining up the seams on the toes and then rolling one and then the other up my legs and over my knees until finally pulling them up over my panties and my hips. I loved it then and I love it now (although now I don’t wear pantyhose nearly as much as I did back then!).

If you’d like to hear a couple of sexy audios about Lingerie; I made two very sensual ones for you: Lingerie Tease and Mom’s Pantyhose.

As I got older and learned that there was more to chose from than just pantyhose and white training bras; I remember buying a pair of panties at K-Mart that were ohhhhhh sooooooo tiny! I loved wearing those panties as often as I could wash and dry them! Then I purchased another pair….and another….and another. And then I discovered sexy bras! And then sexy panties with sexy bras that matched! It was a whole new world to me. I was in L-O-V-E with lingerie and I hadn’t even gotten past the simple stuff yet!

I think my first piece of real lingerie was from Victoria’s Secret and was the most lovely color of emerald green. A lover had purchased it for me and had left it laid out on his bed with a note that said ‘Beautiful Lingerie for my Beautiful Red Head.’. It was a beautiful one piece that had corsetting up the front with a very low back and – gasp! – two snaps in just the right place! I remember putting that on and feeling like the sexiest woman on the planet! And oh the way he looked at me when I wore it; I realized that lingerie didn’t just make me feel sexy but it made me look sexy, too. I felt confident! I was in love!

I know there are a lot of you out there that love a woman in lingerie. I hope you spoil your lady with gifts of lingerie and gift cards as often as you can; take it from me – she will love it! Of course; you can always spoil your mistress as well with gift cards so I can shop for all of the things that I love, too.