This blog posting has been recorded by yours truly: I Touch Myself.

Touch Me.

Touch Me.

Mmmmmm. I touch myself. Just saying it makes me tingle. Are you beginning to tingle?

Today I want to talk about ‘it’. You know; masturbation! Let’s admit it – we all do it! I do it. You do it. Well, what if WE did it?

I’m talking about mutual masturbation…….. Doing ‘it’ together! Imagine us helping each other to reach that ultimate goal. To fantasize together and create that magical spark. Good, old fashioned, phone sex! Mmmmm.

Being a phone dominatrix is incredibly fun and I absolutely love my strict mistress calls, cuckold calls, guided masturbation calls, bdsm calls, humiliation, and oh so much more. A mutual masturbation call however; is strictly sensual. It’s about that soft side of myself. The woman that’s enjoying the touch of my lover. It’s about sharing that intimate activity and that most sacred moment with another human being. It’s exhilarating and oh so sexy!

I love to get on the phone with a foxy guy and have him describe himself. His hair. His eyes. His body. His cock. Then it’s my turn to tell him what I’m wearing for him, to describe my body to him, my hair, my breasts, my pussy. Every little detail that I know will help you close your eyes and imagine me lying there in my bed; holding the phone to my ear as a I slide my hands over my body. Probably reaching over for one of my beautiful vibrators so I can really stimulate myself appropriately.

Will we imagine that we’re in the same room together? Describing what we’re doing to one another? The possibilities are just endless.

I look forward to the next time you reach out to touch me.

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