Here at LDW Group; we cater to YOUR fetish – to YOUR kink. We want to fulfill every one of your urges. Here’s one that you may not have heard of and you may not be into – this is deeply arousing and very mental/heady for those that indulge……………………………it’s also really, really FUN for me to humiliate you in this way……..check out the………………………..Ignore Fetish.

The Scarlet Mistress - I will ignore you - 1-800-601-6975

You deserve to be ignored. You don’t deserve my attention. This is a mutual understanding; isn’t it? That’s why you want to call me; to introduce yourself respectfully and to say ‘My Goddess; I want you to enjoy your personal time. Would you please put the phone down and continue on with your day while I sit here quietly and obediently? Thank you for considering this Goddess.’

Mmmmmmmm. I love these words of submission. Of respect. To be ignored is the ultimate in being a respectful and disciplined pet. I’ll put my phone on speaker so that I can hear any little whimpers, sighs or begging from you. Then; I’ll go about my day. Picking out an outfit for my evening, filing my nails, answering emails, texting with a friend (male or female) or even answering my cell phone while you’re just sitting there on my business line – being ignored.

Perhaps you need to be given some mantras to repeat while you’re being ignored? To find a corner and put your nose there while you repeat these sentences for a period of time; determined by me. ‘Mistress deserves respect. I shouldn’t be a nuisance to Mistress. I deserve to be ignored in the corner’. Repeat. Repeat.

So many options for an ignore experience; aren’t there? What ideas or fantasies do you have around this? Have you had an experience that you’d like to re-live; to roleplay? Tell me about it before I start ignoring you; or email me with your ideas ahead of time by submitting my pre-call questionnaire.