I’ve Been Thinking About Your Penis.

Listen to Me read this blog post for you.

Not in the same way as I think about alpha cocks; that’s for sure! No, I’ve been thinking about how your penis needs to receive more humiliation and small cock teasing! I’ve been thinking that I’ve been entirely too nice to it. I want to be clear, I want to make sure there’s absolutely no question as to what I really think about your very small dick.

So, I’ve decided to name it!

We’ve talked in the past about using different terms for your penis – for instance; I’ll never call it a big cock or use the words huge, thick, satisfying or even long. I’ll also never ask to be fucked by it, to suck it or to ride it. You’ll also never hear me beg for more, ask you not to stop or beg you to shoot your cum all over me. So, what if I was able to stop saying ‘it’ or your ‘small dick’? What if I could give it a name to signify it’s non-importance? To remind you of my opinion each time I mention it?

What Will I Name It?

Hmmmm.  It might take me a little bit to come up with the perfect name. It may come to me the next time I let you jerk it with your thumb and forefinger and you’re begging and crying to be allowed to dribble. It might have the words tiny, little, junior, baby, itty bitty or even the word teeny in it! I’m sure I’ll come up with just the right name for it!

Has It Already Been Named?

Oh my! It just occurred to me – you’ve suffered from having a tiny dick your whole life! It probably already has a name! C’mon – tell me what it is! Don’t be shy! Don’t hold back….I really want to know!

Post here in the comments section………….or call me and tell me in our next phone sex session or our next sexy texting session. You know you can get on cam for me too right? I can’t wait to hear what it is! If for some crazy reason it hasn’t yet been named………..I will come up with a ‘little’ something just for you!

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