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We’ve been dating for a while and I’m ready to take things to the next level! Let’s talk about entering into a Female Led Relationship; complete with chastity! Wouldn’t it be so exciting, for both of us, for you to give me full control over when and how you cum? Oh it turns me on to think about it! I have a chastity cage right here; let’s try it tonight! Want to be my good boy and start an FLR?   Length: 14:31


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Men Need Chastity – Length:  5:19  Cost: $18
Oh you poor thing. How long has it been since you’ve been allowed to cum? Not – Long – Enough!

I’m Not Gonna Let You Cum – Length: 5:00 Cost $15
You don’t really expect me to let you cum do you? I am going to own your cock and your orgasms. You’ll gladly turn it over to me when I use my body to tease you. Once it’s mine, I’ll be making all of the decisions. Just as it should be.


You Want A Slut Wife – Length: 4:35 Cost: $15
Obviously this isn’t the first time a man has come to me for advice on how to turn his wife into a slut wife. I have found that most men fantasize and jerk off while thinking about their wives being fucked by other men. Listen as I share the advice that I’ve cultivated over the years; what your wife really thinks, what she really wants and how to help her become a slut wife. This audio will be helpful for men that think about their wife/girlfriend sleeping with others and will also be excellent listening for any man that knows he should be cuckolded by a woman. This is a conversational audio; not a roleplay.

My Date Tonight – Length: 8:44 Cost: $27
I’m home honey. I know we had a date planned but my lover called; that was more important. Let me tell you all about it while you clean my pussy.

Lucky Cuckold – Length: 7:57 Cost: $24
You are such a lucky cuckolded husband! I’ve brought home my lover, Rich to  teach you a brand new position! You’ll learn how to get his nine inch cock  hard and how to pleasure me as well! You lucky boy!

Valentine’s Cuckold – Length:  5:27  Cost: $18
Your wife is leaving you on Valentine’s day to be with her lover! She’s  spent all day at the spa and at the lingerie store getting herself ready  for a night of ecstasy; with your credit card! Wait until you hear what  your gift to her is and what she’ll be bringing home for you later.

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