I’m excited to announce a new monthly blog series called: The Scarlet Letters!

Five Fscarletlettersree Minutes To The Caller Who’s Story I Choose To Post Here Each Month

This blog series is all about YOU! I talk with people all the time that would love to see their story published on my blog. They want me to tell others about their kink, their fetish, etc. How erotic and potentially humiliating; to expose yourself to the deepest degree? It could be our very own secret; knowing your story is here on my blog and could possibly be seen by someone you know. But, will they ever know it’s you? That’s the beauty of it!

I’m offering you the opportunity to anonymously share your story here on my personal erotic blog. To publish your very own Scarlet Letter.

Here’s how to submit your Scarlet Letter:

1. Write your letter/story. It could be about a call that we’ve shared, a text session we’ve shared or it could be about something erotic that you want to share. All characters in the story must be over 18 and can’t be related (ew). PLEASE keep the story to under 250 characters otherwise it’s too lengthy to post.

2. Email your story in an email to scarlet@enchantrixempire.com Put in the subject line: My Scarlet Letter or something similar.

I will pick one story per month to post here on my blog. If you send your letter and don’t hear back; don’t worry – I will keep all letters to pick from each month.

If I choose to use your letter on my blog; I will email you and let you know and you will also receive 5 FREE Minutes added to your next call with me.

Notes: Please do not send images; I will not post images on my blog. Thanks!