Leather & LaceI was recently out with some girlfriends and after I had a bartender tongue tied (ok, I may have been flirting with him a little); they asked me if my confidence was intimidating to most men? The answer is undoubtedly yes. I’ve experienced this intimidation all of my adult life honestly. It started when I came into my womanly power; when I discovered that I could speak a certain way, look a certain way, do little things, make little innuendos and that I could twirl most men around my little finger. Now, as an adult woman, I have learned to ‘aim’ my sexuality towards a man just so I can see his response!

Some might say this would make me a cock tease; I like to think it makes me sexually confident. (Let’s not even talk about my belief in a completely female dominated society; that’s for another blog on another day!)

How do I know that a man is intimidated by my confidence? I don’t want to say that men are all the same because they certainly aren’t; however, many of their responses are similar. There’s the ‘double take’ when a man looks at me and then looks away only to quickly look back hoping to catch my eye. Oh yes, I see them in my peripheral vision. I choose whether or not to grace them with eye contact. There’s also the ‘posturing’ that men will do around me. Trying to let me know how important their job is, how much money they make, how often they go to the gym….. trying to put themselves in a position to impress me.

The signs of intimidation include getting tongue twisted, becoming shy, gazing at me dreamily, asking my friends about me and how they could get closer to me, offering to buy me anything and everything. There are many ways they show me how intimidated they are.

Are you intimidated by a woman that is secure in her sexuality? I know most men only hope to encounter a woman that is sexually confidant. I’m right here. Do you have the balls to pick up the phone and call me? C’mon, I’m an expert in the art of the tease.

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