Here’s a little story for my cross dressing girlfriends, sissies, and panty boys, too!

I met jesse at a party during her initial introduction to the scene; her Mistress is a very strict Domme who was interested in exploring jesse’s feminine side. Jesse’s Mistress asked me to help her with feminization training. She knew that I had an extensive background in feminization as well as domination. After some discussion; I agreed to help jesse get girlie!

I remember the first time jesse came to my home; I had already laid an outfit on my bed for her. When she saw the panties and the stockings; her mouth fell open and she looked at me with questions in her eyes. I began jesse’s feminization instructions on that day. It took some encouragement and a bit of force; but it was a matter of only a few weeks before jesse and I were going shopping together at women’s department stores; building quite the envious collection of lingerie and couture. I loved showing jesse off to her Mistress. Inviting her Mistress over for a fashion show was one of jesse’s favorite evening events. She was getting so used to being dressed in women’s clothes that she was finding it difficult even to go to work dressed so manly!

On a whim; I decided one evening to invite jesse’s Mistress over for an extra special girls night. Not only did I invite jesse’s Mistress; I invited several of my girlfriends as well! We enjoyed some wine as the star of the show prepared herself. As we were lounging in the living room; we heard the familiar click clack of high heels. Through the archway walked in jesse; transformed completely! My girlfriends and I were stunned to say the least at this sexy girl walked in. One hand on her hip and the other gracefully at her side; she slowly sashayed across the carpet. Wearing a black sequined cocktail dress, black stockings, black patent leather heels with a buckle, silver jewelry ensemble and a blonde wig; jesse was the hit of the night! We were so impressed by her poise and her fashion sense; we invited her to join us on the sofa as we giggled and gabbed. She sat beside me and crossed her legs as I leaned over and whispered, ‘I am so proud of you jesse; you really are just one of the girls.’ A satisfied sigh left her mouth and a permanent smile graced her glossy lips.