Let’s Play A Little Game!

I’ve written here before about the Giantess and Shrinking Fantasy – and I’m sure you noticed that I have several exclusive, erotic audios in our Phone Sex Audios Store that have this theme, right? Well, great news for those fans that love being small! I just published a brand new audio just for YOU!

The audio’s title is ‘Let’s Play A Little Game’ and I think you’re going to just love the concept. In it, I play a Fem Dom Mistress who’s also a Giantess! I’ve captured many tiny men and put them into bondage. That’s when you come along! Right as I’m about to start playing a game with my small captives; I catch you right alongside them! You have no choice but to participate now in a game I’ve created. I get pleasure from testing my ‘toys’ – by seeing just how far I can tease them before they each squirt! And, if they squirt – well, then they get squished!

What will it be for you little one? Squirt? Squish? Escape?

Let’s Play A Little Game – Length: 14.40 $45 Listen to Sample
The giantess has a collection of tiny men to play with. During one of her erotic torture sessions she decides to play a little game with them; see if she can make them squirt their cum…..or they’ll be eaten! Do you think you could hold out?

And these audios have been in the store previously:

Giant Detention – Length: 8:23 $27 Listen to Sample
You’ve been sent to detention, yet again. Miss Amanda has a special pill that will definitely help you…..focus. Soon you’ll find yourself sniffing the cherry scented lotion she rubbed on her feet this morning. You’ll also feel like a bug underneath her sole. Will you last the whole detention?

Snatched – Length: 3:21 $12 Listen to Sample
Snatched and taken home to become nothing more than a plaything for a Giantess. She has a fetish for having her feet worshiped…..kissed…..adored……and she delights in feeling a warm, fleshy, tiny body squirming underneath. How long can you last?

Squished After A Walk – Length: 3:56 $12 Listen to Sample
She’s returned from her walk. Her feet just out of her sneakers; ready to be worshiped by her one inch tall play thing. She loves to feel your lips against her toes. Your skin against her arch. She may not be able to contain the pleasure she feels when you collapse; give in.

A Colony of Shrunken Men! – Length:  05.00.35  Cost: $15
I love my colony of shrunken men! One drop of shrink cream and you can join them!

My Tiny Gift – Length:  4:55  $15
Mistress Scarlet receives a tiny gift from the LDW Mistresses! A one inch tall little man! This is a slow audio; describing my discovery of the package and what was inside – then figuring out what to do with him!

Shrinking Solution – Length: 9:11 $30
You’re a porn, panty and fem dom addict. It’s time that you’re put in your place. I’ve used a shrinking solution with the intention of reducing your sexist needs and desires; but it’s had an overall effect! Instead of just shrinking your penis down to size – it’s shrinking your entire body!

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