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Let’s Talk About Your Balls…..

We spend a lot of time talking about your cock. Your dick gets so much attention! We’re always stroking it, teasing it, denying it, pleasing it. Don’t get me wrong; I love having a lot of focus on your prick that’s for sure!

But what about your balls? Your sack? Your testicles? Your gonads?

We don’t spend enough time talking about them. Sure; I might ask you when the last time you drained them was…..or I might have you reach down and give them a tug for me. But what if we really spent some of our sexual focus on the place where that creamy cum is stored?

Do you have small, tight balls or big balls? Are they hairy? Loose? I want to know how your balls feel when you’re relaxed. How they feel when you start getting aroused. What do they do when you’re close to cumming? If I deny your orgasm; will they ache? Will you have blue balls? What do blue balls feel like?

How much pinching can they take? Or squeezing? Or twisting? Can they take a lot? I know they can. Let’s find out! Can we explore some new CBT (cock and ball torture/teasing) techniques together? How much pre-cum can you make?

Just how much attention can we give those testicles? Let’s find out!

2 comments to Let’s Talk About Your Balls…..

  • Balls are magnificent. Balls are wonderful. Balls are so great that I can only think of one place they should be kept and that is in a Mistress’ handbag. Many men protest, but you’d think they’d be happier about it. I mean, it’s so soft and cushiony in there. They really should learn to be more appreciative. Ahhh, well. I suppose it’s the dawn of a new year. Maybe they’ll learn this time around.

  • dickwacker

    Dear Mistress- I would like to offer you my balls to use and abuse as you see fit. I will have them shaved and ready for any attention that you want to give them. Please pull them, squeeze them, smack them, twist them or any thing else you find amusing. I know the holidays can be a bit stressful please use my balls to relieve any stress you felt over the last 2 weeks.

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