I’ve been receiving many requests for custom erotic audios lately – which makes me a very happy Mistress! Thank you for trusting me and my silky voice with your kinky thoughts and scripts; I absolutely love making recordings and I have so much fun doing it!

Now, you may not be familiar with what the difference is with the various audios that are available –  I’m writing this blog post – just for you!

Recording Audios - just for you! The Scarlet Mistress 1.800.601.6975

As you know; I record nearly every post I make here on The Scarlet Mistress blog. These are always here for you to listen to absolutely free, anytime you’d like. I also add recordings to some of our ‘group’ websites such as mayicum.com and teasemania.com – again, always free to listen to – anytime you want!

We also have recorded audios that you can purchase and own – and of course, listen to anytime! These are going to be quite a bit more ‘x-rated audios‘ compared to the freebies on my blog and around the sites. These audios are intended for you to listen to while you’re masturbating. These are all hosted in our Erotic Audios online store – you can find 43 audios created and recorded by me – and of course hundreds more by all of the amazing ladies here. Once you purchase an audio, you’ll download it and it will be yours.

So you have a lot of amazing recordings and lots of sexy fun and information at your listening opportunity – all the time here at LDW group.

But. What if you want something extremely special? Maybe you have a fantasy that you’d love to hear me weave and spin for you – or we’ve had calls together that you really enjoyed but you’re not able to call me to play as often as you’d like. All you have to do is reach out to me via email scarlet@enchantrixempire.com and let me know you’re interested in having something custom made. We’ll talk about the theme, ideas, phrases you want to hear, etc. – you can even write a script for me if you know what you’d like to hear me say. I will make a professional recording of whatever we decide and I’ll email the .mp3 recording directly to you to download and listen to over….and over….and over. The best part? It won’t appear anywhere else! It’s only for you! That’s why it’s custom! The pricing for this can be found on the Erotic Audios website. Ask me any questions you have about this – I’d love to make something for you. I know you’re thinking about it!

So – these are all of the ways that you can still hear my voice if you can’t make a call! I love knowing that you’re listening to me – thinking about me – wanting me. I can’t wait to help you with your ‘aural’ needs (get it? I said aural! LOL)

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