Mmmmmmmscarlet5m I love hearing you ask me……….Miss Scarlet, May I Cum?

Are you ever really sure of what my response will be? Sure – if we’ve established that you’re to be denied from the first few moments of our session; then you can bet your ass the answer is going to be a very firm, if teasing, no, you may not cum. Keep stroking. Keep edging.

Sometimes, well, let’s face it, all of the time – you’ve left the decision to the capable one in this scenario; Me. And my decision is always kindof up in the air isn’t it? I do absolutely love hearing a man cum. That gutteral, groaning, gibberish of an very vocal orgasm really turns me on………………….but then…………..there’s the sound of the reply of being told you’re denied. Oh, you know what I’m talking about. That low pitched whine of disappointment – that frustrated long drawn out groan. Mmmmmm – now, these turn me on just as much!

So – want to play a bit? I’ve contributed several blog posts to our overall joint effort website called – perfectly – – this is where any of the ladies here at LDW can contribute a blog post and at the end; you click a button to hear them answer that question……………May I Cum?

Go ahead; explore the site – and – ask me six times – Miss Scarlet…..May I Cum?

You Gotta Know When To Fold ‘Em – Today we’re going to play a little wanking game that I think will be ‘loads’ of fun! I was listening to the radio and that old country song came on ‘You Gotta Know When To Fold ‘Em’; (now that may not be the title but you get the idea). The song made me think about some stroking games I’ve played in the past. As you probably guessed; I always win the stroking games!

Miss Scarlet Takes You On A Cock Control Carousel – So, wanker, you want to stroke and you want to know if you’ll be allowed to cum. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? I understand your need to have a woman totally controlling your cock. That’s why I’m calling this the Cock Control Carousel!

Ms. Scarlet Wants You Tied Up & Stroking To The Beat – How long has it been since you’ve had a nice tug on that cock of yours? An hour? A day? A week? Well, darling, it’s your lucky day because I want to see just how hard you can get for me.

Keep Stroking For Miss Scarlet – I’m in your office after hours. You’re going to stroke for me. Do it or I might not be such a good secret keeper! That’s right, unzip those slacks and pull that cock out.

Face Sitting Cock Tease – I admit, I have a fetish for face sitting and smothering. Several years ago, I admitted it on my blog when I published an article called ‘Be My Throne’. As a dominant woman, I find that using my body to manipulate and overpower a male to be very satisfying! Can you imagine yourself underneath me?

Miss Scarlet Is In The Mood To Play – I’m in the mood to play! I choose your cock as my playing ‘piece’. You will follow my instructions exactly as I give them; making sure to really give it your full focus. I don’t want any porn playing in the background; no naughty magazines opened up on the table. Just you and me. That’s all we need.