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You Might Have a Hot Wife If…….

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A Hot Wife (or slut wife) is a woman that is married and has sex outside of her marriage. The hot wife can include her husband or exclude him; however for the purposes of being turned into a cuckold, let’s assume the hubby is at least ‘in the know’ somehow.

How do you know if you have a hot wife – or if she wants to be a ‘hot wife’:

  • she often wears provocative outfits to ‘go out’ with the girls.sideview
  • she’s high maintenance: she likes having her nails and hair done regularly, as well as frequent trips to the day spa for facials, waxing and massages.
  • you sometimes help pick out her lingerie and clothes for her nights out.
  • when she comes home late; you notice her makeup is gone and her hair is flat.
  • she asks you to cuddle when she gets home; or she may request you provide oral sex.
  • during oral sex; she has a different ‘taste’ than usual.

Do you have a hot wife? Are you a cuckold? Let’s talk about it – there are many types of cuckolds; the possibilities are endless! She could be having sex behind your back already or she could just be thinking about it and needs to know you’re interested, too. Do you want help getting your wife to cuckold you? I’m a cuckold expert and I can help make it happen – give me a call soon.

2 comments to You Might Have a Hot Wife If…….

  • Men somehow get validation from having a hot sexy wife knowing other men is lusting after his wife is a turn on. They get aroused by the thought of infidelity. Seeking out a third person to satisfy her sexual needs is just as sexually fulfilling to him as well.

  • Empress Rayne

    Great info, Ms Scarlet! I so often have these poor guys call and ask if I think their wives are sleeping around based on the behaviors you described. Luckily many of them get excited and embrace the idea of being a cuckold when I confirm, ‘sounds like a hot wife to me’.

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