Well I am home from my wonderful stay with some of the lovely mistresses of LDW. As a ‘new girl’ it was fantastic to be among some of these most sensual, sexy, and impressive ladies! I had the pleasure of seeing some naughty boys on web cams, listening to some erotic audios being created, and sharing ideas and experiences. We had a wonderful time out by the pool, sipping on cock-tails, and sharing some girl chat. Bet you wish you were a lounge chair pillow at that get together!

I was able to have some sexy texting with a very sexy man in maidenforms (you know who you are) out by the pool. The ladies would see me smiling or giggling and would ask me what I was doing. I think they could tell I was truly enjoying myself! Thanks for the chat babe!

by the pool

Lounging By The Pool

One night, I had an erotic call with a favorite of mine – he always makes me very hot and when I get hot – I get vocal. I snuck away into one of the mistresses bedrooms and locked the doors. We had a wonderfully sexy time together and later that night, I found out that my moans could be heard throughout the house! And – to top it off – they could hear me slapping my very own ass! It’s true!

I also had a great experience with a first time caller. Let’s call him Sugar. Sugar and I had a great time chatting about his very naughty girlfriend. She’s quite the bitch you know. I’m not sure why he puts up with her demanding personality; it must do something for him. I enjoyed our chat and look forward to our next one Sugar!

Ahhhhh. It certainly was a lovely vacation with the ladies and with the callers and texters. I wish I was lounging by the pool today in fact. I think some of the ladies may still be there and I am so jealous!

XOXO – Scarlet

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