Well….I’m back! Did you miss me?

Thank you all for the emails and the comments on my ‘Galavanting

The Scarlet Mistress

Did You Miss Me?

Mistress’ post! I enjoyed seeing them all while I was away. There were many Sissy Pennies earned; that’s for sure! So, let me tell you all a little bit about my trip. First, I went to Las Vegas – ahhh, the city of glitter and skimpy clothes! I loved it there! I go a few times a year so this time wanted to do something really special………………prepare to be jealous………I went to see Cher! She’s doing a show at the Collosseum at Caesar’s Palace and WOW is she wonderful! She is nearly 64 years old and still looking sexy as hell and sounding Fabulous! This Mistress can only pray (as I slather on the moisturizer and run on the treadmill) that my ass looks half as good as hers does when I hit that age!

While I was in Vegas; I also went to a sex toy boutique in The Wynn and saw a vibrator (The Inez by Lelo) that is worth $10,500! Wow! I should put that in my Amazon Wish List! They also had a solid gold butt plug! How many of you would love that? You know, with sex toys made of steel, gold, platinum, and silver it gives a whole new meaning to ‘Polishing The Knob!’.  Anyway, that sexy little store really had top of the line products that certainly made this Mistress envious!

After Vegas, I visited the Florida Keys. Mmmmmm, the epitome of relaxation. I absolutely adore the Florida Keys. Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine, Key West…you name it; I love it. It’s like once you get past that last turnpike exit; the panties go out the window and the bikini slips on! Now, I will admit, I did get a little too much sun while I was there. I have been rubbing myself from head to toe in creamy lotion. I’ve even been in a few sessions with my hands rubbing all over my skin (I think it added a whole new aspect to the sessions!). Being a red head I really should be more careful out in the sun like that. Maybe I need a wide brimmed hat and better sunscreen!  I know, I’ll go put those in my wish list instead of the gold plated vibrator!

Now, while I was down South, I did have a real life session with a submissive play mate of mine. He was late picking me up from my hotel; so I gave him a proper caning! Have you ever had a caning? No? Well, let me tell you, if you upset your mistress and she has access to canes; be prepared to have a red striped ass pretty quick! I love the ‘whoosh’ing sound a cane makes as I swing it through the air towards a quivering butt cheek! He kept tightening up his ass which just made it even worse! Anyway; that’s enough detail about that. Afterwards, he did take me to a great local spot for a delicious dinner and a gorgeous Florida Keys sunset.

So that’s it in a nutshell! Now here are a few other notes:

– I put up a short audio yesterday on Tease Mania – this is a free message board where you can hear tons of audios from all of our wonderful mistresses. The one I put up is g- rated but watch that board for a more naughty one to come soon.

– Don’t forget to mark your calendars for May 1st – the Sissy Penny Auction date! Have you been a good sissy and earned lots of pennies? You can keep earning all the way through to the auction so keep making those calls, attending chats, and commenting on blogs. See one of my past blogs for more particular notes on the Auction.

– I want to remind everyone that I LOVE SEXY TEXTING! If you’re not familiar; just visit the site. Sexy Texting is held in a private chat room on the site. It’s just you and me; all alone. We can talk about anything we want to. Think about it; you’re at work in your office and people could hear you on the phone. But you’re horny! You’re feeling submissive! You NEED me! No problem; see if I’m available and let’s have some Sexy Texting!

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