Instead of a Valentine’s date; I had a ‘galantine’s date with my roommate! We had a delicious thai dinner and then we went to see the new movie; 50 Shades Darker.

I don’t think I’ve ever written a movie review on my blog; but felt compelled to write one about this particular movie.

You may remember there was a trilogy of books that women all over the country were creaming over. And yes, I did read them. I hated them. I only read them for the sex scenes. Those were hot.

I wish I could say the same for this 2nd movie! Honestly; my favorite part of the whole movie was when the lead male character, Christian Grey, got down on the floor in the slave position (also known as nadu). Now that was absolutely delicious.

The rest of the film though; all I can say is that it’s completely cheesy and thrown together. There really is no D/s aspect; apparently he’s had submissive slaves in the past but I feel absolutely no ‘dominant’ energy from the actor. None. I don’t feel like the power exchange has anything to do with D/s as much as a boy that wants to get his way. He’s sexy as hell though and that may be the only redeeming thing about it at all.

Don’t expect to learn anything at all about BDSM, kink or fetishes at all. Even when they did add some sex toys (like vaginal balls, nipple clamps, a spreader bar); it was only for a moment or two and not nearly enough.

Two thumbs wayyyyy down from me. Too bad.

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