When Two Mistresses Get Together (a guest blog post by the lovely Empress Delia!)

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Mistress Delia

There is no subby who is safe! Last week, some of the Mistresses of LDW got together and I was able to bring Jack along with me! He was such a dutiful submissive, chauffeuring many of us around, making sure all of my needs were taken care of…and not just mine. Let’s just say Jack was a used and abused slut by the end of the trip! I think my favorite time was with the sexy Ms. Scarlet.

I Thought I Had A Strap-on Collection!

Let me tell you, Ms. Scarlet’s selection certainly rivals mine! Over lunch, while Jack was doing some other stuff, Ms. Scarlet and I decided to give Jack a spitroasting experience. I went back to the room, and got Jack naked and ready. Then Ms. Scarlet showed up – with her strap-on selection! Big ones, small ones, thin ones and thick ones. I had Jack get down on his hands and knees before me, and swallow my big, black cock. He serviced it just like I taught him!

Ms. Scarlet Straps It On

As you may have read in her post, Ms. Scarlet was just drooling watching Jack’s ass wiggle in front of her, just begging to be filled! I watched her strap on her harness, snugging it around her hips, and then she began looking over her collection. I almost thought she was going to pick out her biggest cock, but she settled on a 9-inch long dildo. As she ran it down the crack of Jack’s ass, and centered it up on his slut hole, he actually shivered!

Oh, you want to know what happened next? You’ll need to listen to the audio! All I can tell you is my subby hubby made Ms. Scarlet and me very proud!

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