Do you use the click to call feature to set up our calls? Awesome! Now you have a brand new time option; you’ll see a new time of 45 minutes is available!

If you’re not familiar with click to call – it’s a completely online feature that sets up a telephone call between us! It means you don’t have to call in and speak with anyone; you set it up here on my website – see that phone button here on my site? It shows up in different places; depending if you’re on a phone or a laptop. Look for the red phone icon that says ‘Click to Call Now’ – above it will either say ‘call now’ or ‘not available’. If it says ‘call now’ (and especially if we have an appointment or you’ve asked me on skype/email if I’m available) – then go ahead – click it and enter your info; select a time amount – submit your order and the system will set up our call! It’s super easy; I promise!

I requested this 45 minute option be added because sometimes you may want to have a bit more than 30 but not quite an hour; this gives us a little something in between.

Remember; you’re only ever charged for time used on a call – so 45 minutes will only be charged if we use them.

Let me know if you have any questions at all about how click to call works or go to and ask one of our live help ladies.