Have I got something new for you to try! If you haven’t heard of the very popular game we call PASS THE PENIS; let me tell you all about it!

Pass the Penis has been around for years but not everyone knows about it – and certainly; not every man is UP for it! You’ll have to endure teasing from Multiple Mistresses but won’t be allowed to cum (well, you ‘may’ get the chance during the last round). Are you up for the ultimate Tease and Denial game? It goes like this:

– You let me know you want to play a game of Pass The Penis. We can talk through email (scarlet@enchantrixempire.com) or on Yahoo IM (enchantrixscarlet) to set up the day and time for us to start this ‘a-rousing’ game!

– We’ll decide if you want to be passed around between 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or MORE Mistresses during the game.

– Once we’ve figured out the details (how many times you want to be passed – and when!); it’s time to start the game!

All we need is your playing piece! The rules are pretty simple; you’re going to call our fabulous dispatchers at the appointed time. She is then going to send you to your first cock tease Mistress who will control your orgasm and teasing your cock for ten minutes, then you’ll be sent back to the dispatcher who will send you to your second cock tease Mistress and so on and so on.

You will ultimately end up with ME on the phone for your last Pass The Penis turn. Unless you specifically requested permission to cum PRIOR to the start of the game; I’ll assume that decision is left completely up to me. After being teased by our Cock Control Mistresses; I’m sure you’ll be begging to finish the game!

Want to play? Let’s talk! Pass the Penis can be designed with your fetishes and preferences in mind – just ask!

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